Treatment Options

Fertility Evaluation

Recommendations for an evaluation depend on age, duration of infertility, and other underlying factors that may impact reproductive success.


JCRM was the first practice in North East Florida to offer low cost IVF programs. Our IVF cycles have always been the most affordable in the area.


Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a relatively simple procedure done to treat mild to moderate male factor abnormalities.

Genetic Testing

Knowledge of genetic information prior to attempting pregnancy can lead to an effective management plan and a successful pregnancy.

Egg & Sperm Freezing

We offer a full service cryopreservation program for sperm, egg and embryos which can be utilized for a variety of patient situations.

GYN Surgery

We offer a friendly, compassionate, and caring environment where patients can undergo comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

Gender Selection

Once embryos are created in vitro, they are screened to choose the healthiest ones to implant. This process reveals the future child’s gender.