Genetic Testing

The genes we inherit from our parents determine many aspects of our health and wellness.

Knowledge of certain genetic information prior to attempting pregnancy could change the management plan for a given couple, which could affect the outcome of the pregnancy. As technology has rapidly advanced in this field, more and more clinical applications of genetic testing are being offered to patients.

JCRM Genetics

The three major areas of genetic testing available at our center are pre-pregnancy carrier screening, hereditary cancer screening, and preimplantation genetic diagnosis and comprehensive chromosomal screening.

Pre-Pregnancy & Carrier Screening

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Anatomic Hereditary Cancer Screening

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CGS & Pre-implementation

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What does this process entail?

Genetic Screening is performed by testing a blood sample to see if a person is a carrier for a specific genetic disorder. For a couple planning a pregnancy, the mother is tested first and if she is found to be a carrier of a specific mutation, then the father is tested to see if he is also a carrier of the same mutation. The blood sample is drawn in our office and then sent to GSG. If you and your partner are carriers for the same disease, your child has a 1 in 4 (25%) chance of having that disease. If you are found to have a high reproductive risk, you have options.