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Could in vitro fertilization (IVF) increase your chances of becoming pregnant? Take our brief IVF candidacy quiz to find out if IVF is right for you or your partner.

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Questions for Her:

If you answer “YES” for one or more of the following, IVF might be the right choice for you:
Have you been unable to become pregnant after one year of trying to conceive?*
Are you 35 years old or over and have been having unprotected intercourse for six months without getting pregnant?*
Have you had pelvic infections or contracted any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?*
Have you been diagnosed with diminished egg supply and poor egg vitality?*
Are you a woman 38 years old or older and thinking about becoming pregnant?*
Have you had severe endometriosis and want to start a family in the future?*
Have you received a diagnosis for uterine irregularity disorders or structural abnormality?*