Obesity During PregnancyWow, is all I can say regarding this study. Although it is an early study not definitely proving anything specific, this is a monumental study with far-reaching implications. This is the first study I have seen to suggest that BMI affects fetal neurological development. Additionally, MRI evaluation was used giving credible information regarding brain function in the fetus. Understand that all studies today focus on BMI but the real issue is metabolic dysfunction, insulin resistance, and elevated insulin.

In this study, BMI >30 was used. Probably at least 50% of pregnant women meet these criteria!! We have been saying for years, that a ketogenic nutrition approach in pregnancy is the ideal approach for the fetus/child for development. This study adds further support to our claim. This adds to the already very concerning theory that metabolic dysfunction is triggered in the fetus by signals from the mother to the fetus. These signals invariably must come from the nutrition and metabolic responses of the mother.

With changes in brain function (again not proven but evidence now existing) our societies declining nutrition is potentially decreasing the mental functioning of our newest members at the very outset of life. This is huge. I think our government, medical community, and all our population should start to take responsibility for the problems we are creating in the health of our citizens before it is too late.

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Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center Reproductive Medicine
Advanced Reproductive Specialists