Egg Donor & Surrogacy
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JCRM Offers All Available Donor Gamete Services.

Many families are made possible with donor and surrogacy programs. We promise to provide our patients with affordable and effective options for starting their family with support and guidance along the way.
Compassionate Egg Donation

Egg Donation is a common procedure used for the treatment of egg related fertility problems. Compassionate egg donation utilizes primarily family (related) donors but in certain situations known or arranged donors may be used. Family donors can be sisters, nieces, or cousins either local or out of town. For out of town donors, only 1-2 days are required in Jacksonville to complete the egg retrieval. In family donor situations, the donor age criteria can be relaxed. The ideal donor age is 30 and younger, but older family donors can be used. Ovarian reserve testing can be provided to get an idea of the chances of pregnancy in donors over the age of 30. As always, with IVF the chances of pregnancy are related to the age of the eggs. For the 30 and under group, the chance of pregnancy is greater than 50%. Individual pregnancy rates can be given for donor ages over 30 after testing.


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Prospective Egg Donors

The Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine is actively recruiting compassionate women who would be willing to help infertile couples become pregnant.

Egg donors must pass screening criteria which includes drug, fertility, genetic, psychological, and STD testing. Immediate opportunities available. However, only sincere, caring women need apply.

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Basic Egg Donor Requirements:
  • Women between the ages of 20-29
  • Weight appropriate for height – BMI >19 OR <29
  • No Smoking within last 6 months
  • Healthy, with a healthy family history
  • No recent history of Depo Provera (6months)
  • No history of recreational drug use
  • No body piercing or tattoos within the last year
  • Health Insurance
  • Reliable Transportation

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