Higher BMI May Be Tied To Increased Time To Pregnancy,This study title adds to the mountain of evidence supporting metabolic dysfunction’s contribution to infertility. Insulin resistance, the primary cause of weight gain, is also the cause of PCOS, as well as other metabolic diseases including diabetes type II, heart disease, hypertension, cholesterol elevations, etc. Therefore, BMI is a graduated severity gauge for metabolic dysfunction with higher BMI correlated with worse insulin resistance. Insulin causes elevated male hormone production in the ovary that then inhibits normal egg development and lowers pregnancy rates no matter what treatment is being utilized. 

At ARS/JCRM, we have been very attuned to this physiology and worked tirelessly with patients to improve Insulin function to improve pregnancy rates. This is best achieved through a strict consistent low carbohydrate and high fat diet to lower Insulin stimulation. We have seen dramatic improvements in ovarian function and pregnancy rates for those who have made these changes.  

Michael D. Fox, MD

Advanced Reproductive Specialists

Jacksonville Center For Reproductive Medicine