Hypertensive DisordersThese epidemiological studies continue to pour out. Unfortunately, they simply scratch the surface of a much larger problem. Science doesn’t seem to want to connect the dots. When all these studies are looked at as a whole, the one final common denominator is insulin resistance. Hypertensive disorder of pregnancy is an insulin resistant problem as is dementia. Therefore, the underlying cause really relates to insulin resistance, and ultimately is a nutritional problem. Other diseases caused by insulin resistance, include heart, disease, obesity,  stroke, hyper cholesterolemia, type two diabetes, fatty liver, and likely all cancers.

The sooner these associations are made, including their nutritional cause, the sooner our population can begin to move back in a healthier direction. These studies continue to describe small aspects of the larger metabolic dysfunction  problem, but do not pull it together in a way to effect change.

Instead of a barrage of medicines to treat these problems, simple nutrition change can take care of everything. Removing carbohydrates and replacing with fat fixes all these problems without medication.

Michael D. Fox, MD
Advanced Reproductive Specialists
Jacksonville Center For Reproductive Medicine

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