The presence of metabolic syndrome seems to be the “factor” that leads to severe infection with COVID-19. It has been very odd that some with COVID do very well with minimal symptoms and others seem to have very severe disease. It is becoming more evident that metabolic syndrome (Obesity is a symptom of metabolic syndrome) is the factor that differentiates good and bad outcomes. Other immuno-compromised states such as cancer and recent chemotherapy are also factors.

We have known for years that diabetics (end-stage metabolic syndrome) are more susceptible to skin infections, boils, systemic infections, yeast infections, etc. The immune system is severely compromised by metabolic syndrome and high blood sugar later in diabetes. This study is confirming this for influenza A.

I think we will see studies later firming up the connection with COVID-19 as well. Just more evidence that metabolic health is paramount to a successful life. Pursuing a ketogenic lifestyle ensures metabolic health.

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Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center Reproductive Medicine
Advanced Reproductive Specialists