An increase in cancer is obvious to those of us caring for patients.  From the time I was a child and in high school (1970’s) until now there has been a dramatic increase in cancer.  This is true of statistics and just my general impression.  I don’t remember knowing of any cancer in any of my classmates parents from school throughout grade school and high school.   Now as a grade school parent, I know multiple parents with cancer.  Additionally we see so many patients in younger age groups in our practice with a prior cancer diagnosis.  Much much more than I even experienced in medical school from 1983-1987.  In medical school typically, students are exposed to the sickest group of people in society as a whole.  Reports such as these are only going to increase over time.  Human physiology can not tolerate the incredible insults of the current 60-near 100% carbohydrate diets that most Americans are exposed to.  At this point we are approaching 40 years of this increased exposure that started about 1980.  As always, we recommend ketogenic or low carb high fat nutritional approach as the best approach for all people and age groups.  To your good health…..

Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine