Working At Least Two Night Shifts Weekly Increases Risk Of Miscarriage In Pregnant Women.
This study finding supports our theory describing circadian rhythm and sleep disruption as with sleep apnea as maybe the most intense physiological stressor in humans. It seems to be about the only thing that disrupts the male hormone and fertility axis. Nature does not want a stressed female to achieve pregnancy or in this case, deliver that pregnancy that might further add to the stress and result in loss of the mother. Nature wants to save her for another less stressful day when she can reproduce and further the species. It is entirely possible however that this study is not truly measuring the post pregnancy situation, but rather the earlier effect of this same stress on ovulation resulting in the release of an abnormally prepared egg resulting in an abnormal embryo ending at some point in miscarriage. This study as many out there does not prove anything and we certainly can’t infer any causes from such a study. We do identify a trend and something that may need further study. We recommend all women trying for pregnancy should try to discontinue night shift work completely.
Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine