Prepregnancy BMI May Be More Important Risk Factor For Adverse Maternal-Fetal Outcomes Than Weight Gain During Pregnancy, Meta-Analysis Suggests.

This study clearly supports our belief that BMI correlates with metabolic dysfunction severity.  Pre-pregnancy weight is the measure of this parameter.  If this can be significantly changed, we see a much better outcome beginning with fertility and continuing through the delivery including fetal and neonatal health.  Our experience for patients who pursue an aggressive nutritional transformation prior to pregnancy attempt, pregnancy comes quickly and the overall outcome of the pregnancy is better.  Patients who are successfully pursuing the diet before pregnancy can continue it in pregnancy easily which makes the overall pregnancy health dramatically better.  Without that patients find it very difficult to “start” a low carb approach in pregnancy.  Some patients with severe metabolic dysfunction may actually lose weight in pregnancy but the underlying dysfunction still adversely affects the pregnancy……More evidence for the benefits of pre pregnancy planning.

Michael D. Fox, MD

Jacksonville Center

Reproductive Medicine