Conceive First Child Via ARTThis is definitely what we find with our patients. The only added caveat would be for women requiring IVF for pregnancy and over age 30, we would recommend returning asap to treatment if a new cycle is to be started from scratch. Often I think families are so excited about the first child and rightfully so, but are distracted for some time before starting their next cycle. Age and ovarian reserve are issues for most patients and getting started after six months of breast feeding is the best way to preserve pregnancy rates.

Also, the OB community often routinely counsels patients to put a little time between pregnancies; a perfect recommendation for those with normal chronologic and ovarian age which makes up the vast majority of their patients.

Our group on the other hand needs to move a little faster. This study gives us very positive news for the outcomes of repeat treatment cycles. Stay safe in the virus world!

Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center Reproductive Medicine
Advanced Reproductive Specialists

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